Horray. Our funding had been successfully¬†reached thanks to all of our backers out there. But we still have more work to do, so this isn’t the end. Also, the funding is still ongoing for another 24 days. So hopefully, we will be able to hit the two stretch goals that we had set out in the project. For now, there will only be two. But there is a possibility that we might add more during the middle of the project period.

Our shipping for LTS is commencing this weekend and for our US backers and customers, you will be getting your shipment before Thanksgivings. Treat this as a holiday present for yourself or to anyone who you intend to give. As for our international customers, given the amount of time by customs clearance and local post office service, you should also be receiving it by Thanksgivings too.

For those of you who have not purchase our light novel, you can grab the physical copy today at our online store. Buy this week now so that it will be in time for Christmas.


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