Dear Fans/Readers,

We just received and information that the first volume of When Days Rewind has been leaked into piracy websites.

Currently, we are investigating this matter and trying to find out how it happened. PUSH! officials will decide if we are pursing this matter legally.

To deal with this matter, PUSH! has decided to release the first volume of When Days Rewind for free. We believe at this point, everyone should have access to it, since it’ll defeat the sole purpose of the party consisting the people(s) who leaked this onto the piracy sites. So please get your free copy of When Days Rewind at our official store:

Though PUSH! will always be against piracy and such atrocious activities, since they destroy the industry in many ways. Creators and artist like us always is the one who suffers from it. We believe we’ll still be getting the support from the fans.

Hopefully, this will deter piracy as making such content isn’t easy and come with cost. All people working in this industry has been doing this as their main profession, as they have mouths to feed and bills to pay.

However, we understand that some people love piracy and would be willing to find illegal copies than to buy it. If you happened to like the works that we are doing, please consider pledging us on Patreon so that we can work on more such content. Also, as we have mentioned earlier, We’ll be releasing more free contents in the future for everyone to enjoy. We need your support to do so!

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

~PUSH! Team.

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