Dear fans of LINDA,

Thank you all for your support these past few days. Your conversations have helped us in bringing to light the double standard of Kickstarter. As you all may know, we had sent an appeal to Kickstarter from our previous announcements, however; we had received a reply yesterday, stating their intention of the suspension was final and could not be reversed.

We understand it frustrates the supporters and would like this to resolve this as soon as possible so that the project can come to fruition. However, after the rejection of our appeal to Kickstarter, we have no choice but to move on by launching the crowdfunding project over at Indiegogo.

The project will be officially launched on 20th May and will last for 30 days with the same funding goal of $40,000 USD. We hope that fans of LINDA can help us bring the project into reality via Indiegogo instead. More information will be revealed within the next couple of days.

We have informed the artist of the current situation and our intention on how to move on from this. LINDA hopes that we can still bring his works to the western audience to enjoy and he will be working hard to make sure this project is a reality, too.

Now, you can help us by subscribing to our email listing as you’ll be reminded as soon as the project is launched on Indiegogo here:

You may refer to the screenshot below, which is the reply we got from Kickstarter’s Trust & Support Team.

Thank you always for your continued support,

-PUSH! Publication, MiKandi Japan, and LINDA

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