Hey there everyone! We just started our project days ago and we are already there! With more than 80% funded, we hope that it would be successfully funded by this week! Thank you, everyone, for their strong support and many love given for this project. With the funding goal in sight, we are aiming for our first stretch goal. An additional 6 pages for the current 16 pages doujin. Hopefully, that can be reached too.

Not forget our previous project, “Love, Tears & Sand”. We have good news that it will be shipped out this week in time for the holidays. So keep a look out for it, we might send your shipment notification anytime this week.

Lastly, we have another secret to reveal to you. As Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming, there are going to be new items and hot sales for our yuri series “Love, Tears & Sand” merchandise. We will revealed this shortly, so stay tuned.


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