The first week of November! How are you guys doing? We have made a lot of changes to our online store. If you had bought from our online website before, you realised that we are using storenvy platform. That platform was great, but there are some flaws and problems to it. We have to manually send you an email with the digital files attached, which could be frustrating sometimes. We know this because we have people email to us after their purchase and usually when we are not around to check the orders, we sent to them hours after.

So we have introduced a new platform called gumroad. Unlike Storenvy, you can download immediately once purchases had been made. So you no longer need to wait for us to email you the files. It’s quick and effective too. We even have our own custom url. You can check it out here

In celebration to opening our new online store, grab our exclusive Dakimakura at 90 USD now plus free shipping worldwide! Prices and shipping are already reflected on the final value, so no need for a promo code. You can also pre-order our latest work “Love, Tears & Sand” in our new store.

We will still keep the old existing store alive, but we will slowly phase it out by the end of 1st December. Any new products will no longer be updated on the old online store as of today, but only on the new one. Too bad, Storenvy does not allow us to redirect customers. If you know anyone who shops at our online store, let them know just in case they missed out this piece of news.

Also, since Christmas is coming. We are going to add some products that are ideal for Christmas. So keep a look out!

Lastly, regarding updates on “Love, Tears & Sand”. The book will officially be¬†released on 12th November! Digital version will be released on the 6th November! So for those of the backers with digital version included will be receiving their download code through gumroad¬†on the 6th November via Kickstarter message.

~Mr Kewl~

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