Hello Everyone! This is our newly made blog where we will post updates on our production and announcement from our staff. So keep a look out on our blog for all the latest update. We will also be posting our Kickstarter updates here too.

First off, our latest project Love, Tears & Sand had been going quite well. We are expecting delivery to be made to our US customers and the rest of the world before Thanksgivings. Which is a great news for those who are looking forward to their gift before Thanksgivings start.

Next, we are going to launch a mini project this coming week. The project titled “When Days Rewind Doujin Special” will be a special doujin for all of our WDR series fans. Since this is an official doujin from us, do keep in mind that the story in this doujin will not be related to the main story of When Days Rewind series.

We even have the front cover made for preview.

To give you a little sneak peek of the story, it will be based around Senji Kanda, one of the main character in the story taking the class on a school trip to Los Angeles. Yea. That’s right, you heard me. LOS ANGELES in America. So you can see where this doujin story is going.

The project will be launched on Kickstarter. And will be featuring some good perks. As this is the mini project, we are trying to make this a small scale project and with little tiers as possible. We had listened to some of the feedback that was given to us during previous projects. One of them was to add a tier with Digital and Paperback version of the product. Therefore, we will be introducing it in this project.

Many of our fans feedbacked to us and had likened our doujin cover. So we decided to make it an A3 Size posters for you guys to enjoy.

As for the stretch goal, we are going to include additional pages for the doujin and Omake. Omake or as the Japanese called it “おまけ” is an extra or bonus content like sketch drawing and some random sketched illustrations from our illustrator.

Currently, our illustrator is getting some sketch done for the doujin pages. So once he gets it completed. We will show you in our next blog post.

That is all for us from now. If you have any suggestion for the mini Kickstarter project, you are more than welcome to leave us some suggestions down on the comment section below.

~Mr Kewl~

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